Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Command line basics in progress...

Command line module is mostly defined.

Initially I had tried to make it close to IronPython previous work but I found really hard to work for most users. It will be too hard to make it both user friendly and users will have to work hard to understand an error.

So the work is right now based on a command line interpreter that will fire events to Naro core modules. This interpreter have most work done. Means a scanner that will recognize easily if tokens are on the right types, also, there is a parser logic (that need to be fixed) and an extensible command list.

Hopefully tomorrow I will accomplish at least the line command working and if is time to add the history list. Thursday, I will complete the previous late tasks and I will add all other other basic commands which are already defined in OpenCascade like drawing a rectangle or doing an extrude. Also Thursday I will try to do document integration (so to be possible to do undo after a bulk of commands).

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