Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Real Value Based Constraints...

There was a bug that if you apply two constraints of the same type (like: Circle Range with value 30 and Circle Range with value 50) NaroCAD will block. As this iteration did add ability for actions to use Command Line and because MetaActions were not powerful enough to handle those cases, a nice addition was to make this constraint to work as an action but to behave as a meta-action (namely to use the command line). As I've did this work, I found that the code that do this, can behave in this way: if you try to apply a Circle range, and you don't click on a circle, you will be notified. If your circle have already a constraint, you will be notified about this, but let you to introduce a new value.
The work being done, and separating the shape it work on (circle here) to the constraint (circle's range), the same code can be applied to a lot more shapes (namely: box's height, cone's height, cone's base radius, cone's top radius, cylinder radius, cylinder height, cylinder radius, sphere radius, torus major radius, torus minor radius) with minimal code. The most of code was just about setting up the events and writing it's strings and co.
As there are still some other actions that are not one value (mainly the rectangle width/height and line length) I will do tomorrow actions for them. Also I will fix the wrong strings or other problems that may appear to those actions.
So hopefully you will enjoy using this new extended palette of constraints.

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