Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Do you know that... !?

Pressing Shift key in many instances gives to you extra options in NaroCAD!? For example using it in editing points that appear when you select any common shape, it will appear a dialog for exact positioning.

Based on this idea, I've made a Shift and Delete keys will make to appear a dialog that will show all shapes/entities and you can delete them by double click them.

The reason of creating this dialog is that some entities are logical, are defined as not selectable by NaroCAD (elsewhere will only annoy you by selecting without you wanting that) or some are hard to select.


architect Adrian Crisan said...

can the shortcuts be fully customizable? - so the user can create its own?

ciplogic said...

Hello Adrian. Sadly the work for setting shortcuts was canceled for a reason that may see fairly common for a small project: it does take a bit long to finish it. The part that took most was the shortcut dialog.
As where the shortcuts code are, is really easy to make them customizable. In fact is just about to change as far as I know just one function. Also there is a global keyboard container which is aware of which keys are down.
Probably if someone will contribute a Windows Forms or WPF dialog that setup the keyboard profiles, save and restore the key that are defined, it will be integrated easily to make shortcuts to be customizable.