Friday, June 4, 2010

NaroCAD 1.4.5 Released

NaroCAD 1.4.5 is released. It builds on top of 1.4.4 release and adds improvements on how you work building your shapes and many small changes are in place to make you feel more like at home. If earlier you may miss a property or two in the property grid by either is a bug or a missing, right now all are there. You also have the poly-line tool that is made from multiple lines. A locking point to point constraint is also handy. Another area that got an overhaul is the capability that command line can be used in more contexts, meaning that some constraints that previously were not possible to edit excluding just from property grid, they are right now there. Also a great overhaul is on solver. Creating extrudes with same height are not an issue right now, but this is not the only change, you will likely remark that a lot of the magic points really appear where you expect them.
Those are only the user seen released. The code did get cleanup, so if you just want to see a clean C#/.NET codebase, is a good place to start, is working better with transformations, and not only.
So why don't you just try it? Download it from here.


karamelin said...

Hi, guys! Can NaroCAD use .NET Frameworks version 4.0 and how to make him do this? Or I have to install .NET Frameworks version 2.0 to launch NaroCAD?

ciplogic said...

Hello Karamelin.
.NET virtual machines are not binary compatible cross versions, they are just language compatible.
The major .NET revisions that are not backward compatibles are 1.x, 2.x-3.x and 4.0
As NaroCAD was started as a VS 2005 was a .NET 2.0 project, and as features were added, it remained still in the 3.5 SP1 compatibility.
If we want to switch to 4.0 we will need to be sure of two things: we have sources or binaries recompiled for .NET 4 and the most important reason is just this: we have to get a reason to port it.
The covariance and countervariance cases were as far as I knew just in one instance, but were fixed when we scanned the project with Resharper. The other one may be using Parralel Linq or dynamic keyword. As those features are nice on paper but with no good use, flipping the .NET VM just for a sake of change may be hard. Also, think that is not just switching the VM, users will have to do it. And as you may know, Windows 7, Windows Vista with updates, get .NET 3.5 SP1 (used by NaroCAD setup), so the installation issues (hopefully) are minimal. .NET 4 will mean for most users just another framework to download.