Thursday, June 17, 2010

NaroCAD 1.4.6 Released

NaroCAD makes another step forward. This release empathizes with user by improving parts that were annoying or not enough powerful on the transformations and with constraints. This work was focused on main user visible features:
- transformations are much improved. With this rewriting of them, combined transforms work correctly.
- you can delete shapes using Shift+Delete
- constrains are getting the love that make you likely to use them
- bug fixing of was directed to make this things to work right, the new transformations will work shapes-wide, the property grid gets also a more consistent behavior.

This release was made only two weeks from the previous one (we mostly tend to make a 3 weeks release) so this release is not that impressive in counting features, but was worked a lot on usage and the way that NaroCAD should behave.

So enjoy using this new version! Download it from here.


Yong said...

So this latest version can only be built with Visual Studio 2010?

Yong said...

Please pardon me if I'm not supposed to post these kind of questions here.

1. how to "undo" in NaroCAD, for example, after I created a cube, I want to undo it, "Ctrl + Z" doesn't work.

2. Is there a way to change the display of a selected object? For example, if I select a face on a cube, all the edges are highlighted in gray color, is it possible to change that to a brighter color and thicker line? I can build NaroCAD, just not sure where to make the changes.

Thank you so much.

ciplogic said...

Hello Yong.
1. NaroCAD cannot be built with with VS 2010. The reason stands that .NET 4.0 is binary incompatible with the .NET 2.0 to 3.5 SP1 (aka VS 2008) Also the OpenCascade wrappers need to be rebuilded (and all dependencies) to .NET 4
2, The Undo/Redo code works just if you have selected the OpenCascade view. The command line (for example) or Lua have other Control+Z policy (so pressing Control+Z in their context will undo the text you've just written). Create a box with three clicks and do Control Z to try it. If is not happening, you're hit on a bug.
3. About selection code, we rely on OpenCascade code to make this selection. There are some instances when we write extra code on selection (mostly the editing code as we added some extra points to mark for user the "dragging" corners). If you know from OpenCascade level how to change the selection code to be more "visible", please contact any of developers and we will be glad to help you on contribute to NaroCAD.