Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trianglation with two triangles

Triangulation do not work still, but with help of bxtrx, it was found the most likely problem is because I've did not use (as he said in previous blog post) all steps to do that triangulation. Also the solution may need some extra packages, but without making an over design with the C++ bridge that I was tried yesterday to do without a success on that.

I've continued the rest of the code around triangulation, and when triangulation is in place, it can be exported in an external file and processed. So I've created a special action to do triangulation. The test right now works with a face of two shapes that defines a square. Fixing it's bugs will may have various applications, mostly to export transparently shapes to "outer world".

Hope with adding of those extra packages and minimal fixes to see before release (setup in the midle of the next week) an interesting usage of triangulation.


Yong said...

Hi, how to test "Trianglation"? from the menu or toolbar, I couldn't find it.

thanks a lot,

ciplogic said...

Hi James,

This post was just before doing rendering using Sunflow. The nightly build disable the renderer for now as is buggy. But we will enable it again.
So rendering code use triangulation as an intermediary step between the topoDS shapes and the sunflow file input.