Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fixed a lot of issues with document live cycle

Do you remember that document live cycle span was fixed previously? NaroCAD have a MVC architecture and the previous changes did guarantee that the document/model cannot get corrupted, but in fact happens that almost any other parts (the view and the controller) they get corrupted.

The most typical case was this: you start drawing a shape/feature and you edit in properties dialog something. It was invisible for you but it happens at that stage an inconsistent transact/commit as the current property change tries to change the document state. Making those changes will make subsequent changes of the shape that was not completely draw to fail. Sometimes makes to fail the entire Naro, or to appear weirednesses like double shapes in document tree, etc.

Right now when you change a property, you will be setup to the action None, meaning the edit mode.

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