Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bug fixing part IV or not really

Today I've debugged some issues at Undo/Redo breakup and load/save issues. Load/save issues are in fact from NaroCAD point of view like applying a redo operation.

There was two issues I've long stand to see if they are issues on Undo/Redo step. Those issues were mainly propagation that seem just to not apply and the lose of transformations at Undo/Redo operations.

Because of refactoring with face splitting it seem for now as a side effect there is a propagation problem, I've tried to deletate bxtrx to do it and he agrees.

The other issue I was not so lucky, in fact, I've did a refactor that affects mostly transformation code. So it may appear that transformations do not apply. Doing any test makes that transformations get values that are not identity matrix and appears to apply them in code, but at the end the shape was not transformed. So, I've asked Devasted (as he is the original author of them) to see if something I've did wrong. And it seem that I've don't and may be a regression of the same refactor with face splitting. I'm not sure yet but for now is best to wait till the face splitting part will be remade and see if for real the transformation code it really aplies or not.

I will try to look on bugs that are already in known bugs.

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