Saturday, September 19, 2009

NaroCAD 1.2PRE (Sneak peak)

NaroCAD had a long way to go, and it improves day by day.

Around two months and a half NaroCAD gets 1.0 meaning we had a stable framework, we can run OpenCascade on top of .NET, we did had some basic shapes and some tools.

Today the Naro team which contains contributions from bxtrx, me, Devasted and help on testing by Chris, Van-Sy and Achim mostly (and you the users by submiting the crash reports to Naro), it gets a lot of small improvements, but still it has it's own problems.

Right now we are glad to show to you what all those changes you've seen in blog are about.

In short what are changes from 1.0:
- transformations
- (simple) constraints
- streamlined UI for most operations (dynamic help, filtering in treeview for picking shapes, categories for shapes, improved looks, full-screen
- completely new shapes and operations (like face grouping, sweep (pipe), revolve, sphere, boolean operations, tagging for shape visibility)
- advanced Lua integration for simple shape creation
- option dialogs that gives posibility to disable solver, add metrics units and to show/hide toolbars basedon your usage
- copy-paste (by Control+C - Control+V)
- this is first version that uses NaroLinker meaning that the OpenCascade wrappers are slimmer (around 7M instead 20M) which makes the final installer to be 1M smaller and reduce the first start memory footprint by 10M
- a lot others!

Hope you will like this PRE release and based on your feedback, it can be done even better, fixes can be found.

So download it from NaroCAD Sourceforge page from here:

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