Friday, September 25, 2009

Crash on triangulation and C++ bridge work

A bad part of OpenCascade used from .Net is debugging. NaroCAD have wrappers but is practically impossible to make an easy way to make debugging without recompiling wrappers. Depending on your machine, it may take some time, and even on a powerful machine may take more than one minute only the linking.

As OpenCascade offers samples that make triangulation and seem to crash, I've looked for alternate implementations on OpenCascade forum. As it seem to crash, the debugging from C# level makes it hard to see what happen in beneath or if I've have an invalid pointer, etc.

So I do try to make a valid prototype that will work separately from wrappers, that Naro can use it to be called from outside. Right now I'm hit by various C++/CLI only errors like: "property XXX cannot be used in this context because the get accessor is inaccessible" but is defined as public in wrappers, so some wrapper patching may still be needed, but only once. It seem I'm close but yet I've not found the right way to make it work.

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