Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bug fixing part III

As those days we look on found problems we had in the PRE version there is a lot of work as we found problems like.

I had found possible problem in wrappers (if you have path with unicode characters and the methods like save-file may file), I had cleaned up small problems in view actions like top/left/, view dialogs were fixed with the last found issues. Also both because of crashing stack reports that looks somehow broken, I've replaced in action to not do a SCSF call, but to do a direct call where was possible and do not break the design. In the same manner I've replaced that all actions to get an work item to reduce the copy/paste code.

Right now I look on a Undo/Redo work that makes transformation not to apply. They do apply but seems to have no effect.

Note: there is an implementation of triangulation I am working on (based on OCC one) and try to find a possible usage for it.

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