Saturday, January 31, 2009

Starting Iteration 0.0.7

Made a list with the tasks scheduled for the Iteration 0.0.7.

The task list is posted on Sourceforge.
Also the project Roadmap was updated to reflect the new iteration.

The schedule task list is the following:

- Improve the Extrude, 3 days,
- Add code to propagate changes on related entities: when an extrude is applied on a shape if
the shape is changed also the extrude has to be regenerated, 1 day,
- Add a logging mechanism: decide the mechanism, start using it in the application, 1-2 days,
- Finish implementing the selection mechanism that selects a shape when an item is selected in the tree view
(the selection should be stored at the OCAF level, currently it is made only at the visual level), 1 day,
- Add shape constraints, this task may include functionality like center detection, 3 days,
- When shape properties are changed the modification is not undoable, 1 day,
- Code refactoring and cleanup made during development process.

Lower priority tasks:
- Prepare an installer for the application,
- Finish implementing Cut with OCAF, 2 days
- Implement a debug window that displays details about the OCAF data structure, 0.5 days,
- Command line, 1-2 days,
- Extrude real time, 1-2 days,
- Solve the redrawing problems: the redrawing has flickering, there is also a bug that Naro gets the HDC/drawing drivers so that other windows
can't redraw themselves, when the window is double clicked and floating the window handle is lost and redrawing doesn't occur, 4 days.

More details about the tasks are on the Sourceforge task list.

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