Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coordinate modification from PropertyGrid

Finished the code that updates the object coordinate in the OCAF data structure. After selecting and modifying the coordinates of some objects the modifications remain.
Worked also at propagating the vertex coordinate modifications and regenerate the model but didn't succeed yet to make it work.

Tomorrow will continue with finishing this task, cleanup and upload the code, make documentation and close the current iteration.


ytjun said...


Your .NET Wrapper is very good~~^^
This wrapper does not wrap "OCBRepGProp".
I want to use "OCBRepGProp", but I don't know how to wrap "OCBRepGProp".

So I give you an earnest request. Please quickly ~~

Thank You

bxtrx said...


Today I am working at finalizing some feature and at closing the current development iteration.

I will wrap the OCBRepGProp tomorrow for you. I don't know if this package has many dependencies on other packages, I hope to succeed to build it quickly.

Best regards,

bxtrx said...


I wrapped the OCBRepGProp and uploaded the wrappers and the new compiled library.

Please let me know if everything is ok.

Thank you,