Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OCAF work

Finished implementing the layer that works internally with OCAF. It simplified the code and also moved the knowledge about OCAF out of the Naro view classes. Integrated these objects in the application and it works well. It needs some improvements at the display in the property table.

Added code that exposes for rectangle the width and height properties (together with the name, color and vertexes properties). The object updates internally the vertexes and the OCAF data.
By implementing this layer of objects the task to add the Name property at the OCAF level is removed because this layer has knowledge about these objects.

Tomorrow will continue with the tasks from the current iteration: improve the object tree view, select the objects when clicked in the tree view.


ytjun said...



I want to use "Get" Method of OCBnd_Box.
The Method receive "double *" argument

I don't know how to use the method.
Can you help me....??

Thank You~

bxtrx said...


The problem you found is a bug of the wrapper code generator, the bug is posted on Sourceforge.

In order to solve the problem you have to replace & with % in wrapper source code and rebuild the wrappers.


header V3d_View.h:
void Proj(Quantity_Parameter %Vx, Quantity_Parameter %Vy, Quantity_Parameter %Vz);

and implementation V3d_View.cpp:
void OCV3d_View::Proj(Quantity_Parameter %Vx, Quantity_Parameter %Vy, Quantity_Parameter %Vz)
Quantity_Parameter x, y, z;
(*((Handle_V3d_View*)nativeHandle))->Proj(x, y, z);
Vx = x; Vy = y; Vz = z;

If you solve the bug please send the modified files to me.
I will write down the bug and solve it if I can get some free time in the weekend.

Best regards,