Friday, January 16, 2009

Closing the current iteration

Added code improvements at storing and retrieving info about the selected object. Modified the driver classes (rectangle drawing class, ellipse drawing class, extrude, cut, etc) to inherit from a generic class that will be used when propagating modifications made on an object.

Spent the day working at the code that regenerates the model when the data tree is modified. Made a C++ OCAF sample that propagates well the object modifications. When ported the code to Naro it doesn't work properly, it needs more research.

Made code cleanup and uploaded the latest code on SVN. Will continue now with updating the documentation, the new documentation version will be uploaded tonight.

Will close the current iteration (0.0.5) today and tomorrow will establish the tasks for the next iteration (0.0.6). Among that tasks that should be included in the new iteration are:

- finish the code that redraws the model when the data is changed,
- add the object color in the property table,
- move the detailed data tree view in a debug window and display in the tree view only the object name or the operation and an icon,
- improve the property grid look and the info displayed,
- modify the splash to display the current application version.

Lower priority tasks remained from previous iterations:
- Finish implementing the Cut feature with Ocaf,
- Add code that selects the objects when they are selected in the tree view,
- Integrate the command line functionality in NaroCAD,
- Implement code to make the Extrude real time as the mouse moves.

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