Saturday, January 17, 2009

Starting iteration 0.0.6

Made the tasks for the iteration 0.0.6, they are posted on Sourceforge and also on the Roadmap.

Uploaded on SVN the updated documentation.

Wrapped the BRepGProp module and rebuilt the wrappers. Verified that Naro works ok with the new wrapper assembly. Uploaded on SVN the wrappers and the newly built library.


entery said...

Thanks for creating a very good OCC wrapper for .NET. I just wonder if this wrapper now supports STEPControl_Reader STEPCAFControl_Reader ?

Have a nice day!

ytjun said...


Thanks for wrapping the "BRepGProp" Module.

And I wonder if this wrapper now supports IGESControld_Reader?

bxtrx said...


Thank you both for your interest in the wrappers.

In the wrapper version I compiled yesterday I just added the BRepGProp package. There is no STEP or IGES functionality built yet.
I made the wrappers for IGES, they are uploaded on SVN but they are not included yet in the package. I allocated one day on next week to work at the wrappers, I hope to succeed to finish at least the IGES wrappers. Or maybe I will find some time to work at it on next weekend.
From what I remember the uploaded IGES wrappers are almost finished, I generated and compiled for IGES around 30-40 packages containing a couple hundreds of files. Because of these new files I had some problem at linking because 2G of memory were not enough. Now I upgraded my hardware, I should be able to link or to find a solution to split the package into smaller packages.

Best regards,