Thursday, September 25, 2008

Work status September 25

Finished implementing the modeling commands by adding a rectangle drawing at window zooming and at selection.
Finished the Load from file functionality.
Implemented the Selection mechanism for selecting vertices, edges, faces and solids.

Started working at porting the Sketcher functionality (2D drawing) together with adding OCAF functionality in the application. All the newly created shapes will be added in the OCAF tree and the operations will support Undo/Redo.

Hope to finish this task in about 2 days. Some of the subtasks of this task are: implement a Rectangle2D class derived from AIS2D_InteractiveObject to be drawn on the screen, implement a rectangle driver that allows storing the rectangle shape into OCAF, port the 2D drawing code to the application, make transitions between the 3D and 2d views.
In parallel with this task will also work at making a roadmap and a release estimation.
The tasks made and under development are posted on Sourceforge. More tasks will be added there.

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