Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Work progress September 2

Worked at making with SCSF an use case where using Root and Child Controlled WorkItems with Model View Presenters, Events and Commands to understand how these concepts work together. Got a general understanding of these. The code provided with SCSF is great, improves a lot the productivity but has a problem: the EULA from the site restricts its usage only to Windows (the EULA from the source codes doesn't specify this restriction).

Because of the license restrictions from SCSF started searching for alternative software factories that might provide similar functionality. The main functionality needs are: enable modular architecture, dependency injection, oriented towards testability and plugability. The Windsor Container probably will be chosen. Also parts from Caliburn might be useful. They don't offer that much functionality like the one provided by SCSF but they are of great help.

The tasks that will be made:
- spend two days evaluating/learning Windsor and Caliburn also think how much it would take to implement an EventBroker like and Command mechanism, search for other alternatves,
- decide for a solution and make an estimate/roadmap.

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