Friday, September 5, 2008

Work progress September 5

Looked today at Mono.AddIn framework.

Currently I am pretty puzzled not having an idea what decision to take on which framework to use or how to combine them to obtain the functionality needed.

Will study more on Internet about use cases with these frameworks and hope to have a clear image/point about what path to follow until the end of the weekend.

The possibilities that I see now (not having a deep understanding of the frameworks) are:
- SCSF that offers much of the functionality needed but limits the usage on Windows, the advantage is also that I have some knowledge about it,
- Spring.Net with Spring.Net RichClient that might have the functionality needed, at a first view it seems to cover the application needs, don't know yet how well it supports Windows-based applications,
- a combination like Windsor container for Dependency Injection and something like Mono.AddIn for extending it or StructureMap to implementh both DI and plugins. At the first look these doesn't seem to deliver the functionality delivered by SCSF.

On the other hand I would like to hurry implementing OpenCascade functionality that probably will create the biggest problems in application development.

Hope to have a more clear idea at the end of the weekend.

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