Friday, September 26, 2008

Status report September 26

Worked at porting the Sketcher functionality to the new project.

Made a Rectangle 2D class and made also a test OpenCascade solution where created a 2D and a 3D view. On this application will test what happens when OpenCascade 2d/3d views are assigned to the same Form and also will test the 2D drawing functionality. When the code will be ok will add the files into the SCSF NaroCad project.

Studied also the OpenCascade documentation about 2D drawing and analyzed the sample applications to see if the solution implemented previously is ok.

Tomorrow will continue working at porting the Sketcher. The tasks that remained to be made: decide if the current 2D drawing code is properly implemented, implement a rectangle driver that allows storing the rectangle shape into OCAF, port the 2D drawing code to the application, make transitions between the 3D and 2d views.

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