Sunday, September 28, 2008

Status report September 27

Analyzed the new OpenCascade version 6.3 against the previous version. The changes are not that big as expected.

The result of the analysis:
- at file level, classes signature: from the 14587 there are 454 different files, 501 new files added and removed 64. The code changes are not very big: some char* changed to const car*, some virtual keywords removed, many new data types and handlers added. From the functionality point of view the changes are not so big: some layer management added, some code patches, small changes at the visualization code,
- the documentation is almost unchanged, added small texts about the new functionality: something like added a page of text describing projections,
- the sample code applications are unchanged.

Tomorrow will work at updating the wrappers to support the new OpenCascade version. Task estimated to take 2 days. The update is important because the application is at the point where OCAF will be inserted and the new version of OC claims that there are many improvements added to OCAF.

After finishing this task will continue with the tasks scheduled last week.

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