Monday, September 8, 2008

Work progress September 8

Spent the day evaluating the Spring.Net vs SCSF functionality, read blogs/articles on the features they provide and comparisons on them, looked at the reference manuals. It seems that the NaroCad needs are covered by these frameworks each with its advantages and disadvantages. Probably will choose Spring.Net because it has a license that fits better the project's purpose.

The functionality that I plan to achieve in the next two weeks is to have a modular application that allows drawing a 2D shape and raising it on 3D having the possibility to Undo the operations. As an extra feature the drawn object should be visible in a tree view. The modules will be plugged in the application at startup.

The next tasks that I am planning to do are the following:
- include one of these frameworks into the application: modify the application to be split on modules loaded at startup, implement loading a STEP file as the first module/plugin of the application, task that should take 2-3 days using Spring.Net or less with SCSF,
- in parallel make a document describing the application architecture that will be updated weekly and make a page with the application roadmap, task that takes 1-2 days,
- start adding new functionality to the application: review the undo/redo mechanism and implement it properly in the application, port the 2D drawing from the C++/CLI version (task that should take 2-4 days), add an object tree view (task that should take 2-4 days), add a 3D functionality like Extrude to be applied on a 2D shape.

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