Monday, January 18, 2010

The new mapping and fixes

One of the latest changes that was done was that now in NaroXML files are stored plain .Net type names and are solved by .NET reflection instead an alias picked for that. This change makes that two bugs (crashes) may affect you and they are: File->New (the equivalent Ribbon operation) will fail and the Undo/Redo will not apply the transforms. Those are side-effects of this change.
Because NaroXML in some degree worked with internal form of NaroCAD storage, this change will make that in future adding custom attributes will be less prone of errors, there is added a button that do a fuzzy logic to generate a lua half-made script based on document structure. Why is useful? If you will have that Lua scripts you can generate fairly complex changes that contains all shapes you created on (or mostly) and with generated coordinates.
If you tried rendering operations and you had issues because some of that interface do not warn you if you have nothing selected, and if you don't pick one shader for example, you will get an error in command line and you cannot guess so easily the source of that error, the interface regarding that area is much more fixed (like picking a default when are shaders available, etc.).
A nightly build can be taken from here.

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