Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bugs, fixes, bugs, fixes

When I worked to WPF treeview, I found that Ribbon is a love relation for AutoCAD users. I've worked and tried to craft a WPF tree code. The code is not that big but differs functionally and I didn't fixed yet the issues. Also, SharpDevelop, my IDE of choice when I add an WPF project, will update the NaroCAD solution to 11.0 (meaning the same with Visual Studio 2010 which is not desirable) so I did had to work on a separate solution.
I really hope tat I will make an equivalent implementation of treeview using WPF. The biggest difference is that WPF do separate the code that was stored completely in tree, as a Model/View/Controller implementation and I need to write a model that do filtering and link events all together. The great part is that the implementation will make things much faster also. so I hope that are great news around.

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