Saturday, January 16, 2010

NaroCAD 1.3 Beta Released

NaroCAD gets a lot of changes in the last month that you will love!

Sneak peek of this release:
  • Ribbon UI is a great step forward as it gives simpler UI and separated by logic and purpose. So you have three tabs that are catogorized as Home, Shapes and View.
  • The interface was complete rewrite to use Windows Presentation Foundation. This means that the interface is scalable, with good animation speed that theoretically was not (that easy) to be done in the old interface. Also the interface will use more of .NET 3.5SP1, which was the latest runtime that was used by NaroCAD. So you will get more capabilities, updated look&feel, to not look like Office 97, but like Office 2007.
  • Experimental rendering system that makes to you to create high quality pictures of the shapes you create.
Some testing in this area is still needed but if it will not work to you, please submit a bug by hand and we will focus to target them.
So you are encouraged to use this new release that is uploaded under Sourceforge and to give any feedback.

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