Monday, October 6, 2008

Status report October 6

Finished porting the Sketcher: a 2D rectangle can be drawn, the manipulation tools are working (zoom, pan, grid, snap). The code needs some cleanup and optimizations.
Moved the code from trunk to branch and moved the latest code made wit SCSF on trunk.

Verified that the trunk builds properly and also updated references. Will continue with making the project more stable and compatible with Visual Studio Express and Sharp Develop.

Made updates on the wrappers, solved some errors on passing parameters by reference from wrappers to the native code. Tomorrow will build a new version of wrappers and upload them on SVN.

Started making on Sourceforge a list of tasks to be made until Monday October 13 when planning to finish the Release 0.0.1. That version should allow drawing with the Sketcher a rectangle on a 2D plane (selected on the face of an object) and raise the rectangle in the 3D space to build a solid object (apply an extrude feature), the operations should be made with OCAF and will be undoable. Hope to have no problems with the wrappers on applying an extrude, this feature is untested until now.

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