Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Status report October 1

Rebuilt a new version of wrappers for OpenCascade 6.3.0 where solved the problems that appeared when started porting and continued porting the previous applications to these wrappers. Ported successfully the SCSF Naro application from branch.

The previously C# Naro from trunk crashes after porting because it contains OCAF code. Found and solved the problem at OCAF wrappers and started recompiling the wrappers.

Tomorrow will continue with rebuilding the wrappers and finish porting the previous version of Naro from trunk. This task should take half a day. When this task is finished will continue with the tasks scheduled last week.

The problem at OCAF was caused by some pure virtual functions from native code that are designed to be implemented by the user, functions that are used internally. In order to duplicate this functionality at the wrappers I had to implement some code that forwards the native function calls into the managed wrappers equivalent functions using function pointers connected to managed delegates.

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