Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Status report October 14 (2)

During the past days investigated why the Naro builds on Vista but doesn't run.

The problem explanation is the following:
- because the C++/CLI wrapper dll is built using some CRT components it needs to have the vcredist installed on the system. The version uploaded on SVN is built with VisualStudio2005 SP1 and needs vcredist 2005 SP1. Will think if the wrappers should be compiled with VS2005 or 2008 and will prepare a Release version to be distributed,
- it seems that there are different redists for VS2005 and VS2005 SP1, so the proper vcredist version needs to be installed,
- currently the project is linked against the debug version of the wrappers assembly, this will not work on systems with no VS2005 because the debug version of the CRT is not distributed with vcredist. To make it work replace the debug dll with an release dll.

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