Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NaroCAD 1.5.0 Released

Today made the 1.5.0 release version.

The target of this release version was to enhance NaroCAD's usability.

The main feature added in 1.5.0 is the floating toolbar that allows users to easily access most important tools that can be applied to current selected shape without making long mouse moves. Another improvement is that we started adding mouse cursors for tools to make the user know the active tool at any moment.
Modified and rebuilt the OpenCascade wrappers that NaroCAD uses. Used this opportunity to add finalizer code at around 20 wrapper packages, with this enhancement reduced memory leaking made by wrappers.
The Options dialog is reorganized and has a better look. Improved the GUI and added in Options the possibility to change default background and object drawing colors. Also antialiasing can be turned on or off.
Made property grid fixes and enhancements.

The 1.5.0 NaroCAD version can be downloaded from here.
Next iterations we'll stabilize the 1.5.0 version and further improve usability by adding shape handling gizmos.

Lua generated shape on which applied cuts and extrudes:

Floating toolbar and Option dialog screenshots:


Enrique said...

Great work, does NaroCAD support opengl for speeding it up?

bxtrx said...

Hi Enrique,

NaroCAD uses the Opencascade modeling engine that uses OpenGL for drawing.


Enrique said...

Hi bxtrx,
my cpu load increases a lot moving cursor over graphic window (another programs don't do that) Do you have a bug tracker where we could speak more of this?
Thanks a lot for replies and great work.

bxtrx said...

Hi Enrique,

We monitor the NaroCAD Sourceforge bug tracker but mostly we use a Target Process app located on a server that we have.

Best would be to drop me a mail at mihaizzz()yahoo(_)com to discuss the issue you have.

Thank you,