Monday, July 12, 2010

NaroCAD 1.4.7 Released

The 1.4.7 release precedes the 1.5.x line of releases that will improve how visualizing/editing will behave (and not only). This release is a mostly a polishing WPF and fixing (older) issues release.

As a short list of what was added in this release are:
  • Improved command line auto complete, fixed command line bugs, to make to type less keys to write long commands
  • Added tips window to show to you some things things that you may not know from NaroCAD
  • Ported Options dialog to WPF and fixed bugs related to it, meaning a consistent theme and look and feel to NaroCAD whole application
  • Improved solver on helper lines, so they are not selectable but they still work as guidelines
  • Added plugin support, to extend your command line, lua commands or new user interface, options or new tools from external assembly
  • Improve WPF property grid internals to show which fields are constrained, but can be used to
  • Fixed mirror and pattern tools as they were affected by the new transformation code (that is more powerful but behaves differently)
  • Fixed selection from tree
  • Other fixes (like importing from Step and Brep files works again)
  • If you set NaroCAD (NaroStarter.exe) to open naroxml files it will likely work (there may be some environment options that may make it fail to your machine, but if likely you open a file from NaroCAD folder, it should work).
You can download it from SourceForge page. The team hopes that you will enjoy it.

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