Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Changing Mouse Cursors and a Sneak Peak

Mouse cursor code was a bit cleaned up and with future work of Cristian, you may likely see some really nice touches on the mouse feeling.
Another nice contribution is the icons part. They make more sense (for now they are defined only on the sketch point of view) and are more distinctive. So thanks again for the contributor of them. Those two photos compare the sketching icons side by side.
On my side I start studying ways to make a floating toolbar that makes sense. This will work somehow like the "Contextual" tab, but will be live and much smarter. Based on the shape you clicked on, you can do selection, you will be able to change some properties on the fly, and so on. Also I try to make it not only useful, but to be usable, trying to be always close to the last mouse click. As for code I am in between two solutions, I'm very tempted to use a Windows.Forms solution, but this is nice on short term, but it will be really tricky on a long term, as there will be a lot of code duplication. A WPF solution may be probably too complex for just a floating toolbar, but will make easier to add many things to that toolbar. Also the automatic layout of WPF is a nice choice, so may be a good choice at the end.

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