Monday, May 10, 2010

Solver Magic Point Fixes

Magic points help you to get things easier but when they work wrong they just make your work just worse than using them. For this reason, the shapes that did get most of points wrong (exactly the Cuts and invisible shapes) they will not generate solver points and the annoyances hopefully will get better.
Also a small fix change was done in document format (again) and this hopefully will be more stable for future so you will be able to use for a longer period NaroCAD without throwing your old work.
The nightly build will be a beta release for 1.4.4 and as far as it goes it is the most stable build from all builds we have for a long time, so if you will want to try it, you will help to pinpoint even harder problems that we did not take in account and all will benefit. The nightly build link you can find on the right and you can get the most up-to-date build that is mostly in sync with blog developments.

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