Monday, May 31, 2010

Point to Point Constraint Improvements and other fixes

Point to point constraint was fixed, but was hard to use and some unexpected results did happen: when you pick those two points, the action did move your shapes to match this point, and you could later make it place where you want.
As bxtrx did come with a better usage idea, right now the points are constrained when you pick them on the shape, without moving the shapes, and you will be able to edit distance for your convenience. In this way you can constraint points without going to Property Grid but also you will have the ability to change it later.
This week starts the bug fixing week, and some bugs were fixed like: cut and extruded were constrained to not work on some shapes, but on which Extrude (or cut) can really operate. For example applying Extrude on a pipe, was not possible, because this shape was not considered extrudable. This part is fixed right now and you can enjoy working with extrude unconstrained. Anyway, Extrude is still restricted to extrude shapes as sphere, or the rounded face around the cone or cylinder, but the filter is much much weaker so the cases of false positives (when extrude tool was possible, but NaroCAD forbids you to do so, to avoid crashes mostly) will be practically none.
On a similar note, the action activation/deactivation was affected on some extend from command line refactor (that permits all actions to get access from CL) and I hope those bugs are also addressed. Some extra testing still need to be done, but fixes on this area seem to be in place.

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