Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Restricted References Completed

Tools and constraints in NaroCAD are mostly based from different shapes. Combining them in a wrong way can make OpenCascade or Naro to crash. As for now they are restricted to work just with known shapes.
The single part that was not great was that it used a concepts&capability code that may be hard to be understood by "outsiders" because you have to setup your mind differently. Because of this, there was exported all those logical constraints in a separate external file that can be edited by hand and which have a fairly clean format to read (similar with Domain Specific Languages but was done with a much simpler "parser" than regular DSLs).
Property grid can be considered fully migrated to WPF, from the advancements are:
- search and focus when you press enter to a specific property
- instead being a combobox, it is a dropbox (meaning you cannot edit items)
- resizing is much faster
- the line for editing a point3D have a more consistent X, Y, Z way, than was previously
- transparency is setup via a slider
At the end most likely more constructions that were prone to errors will be removed in the next release. Till that moment you may test the nighly build to get a proper feeling by trying to crash Naro. Also, this nighly builds have a way to report bugs under the Options pages (go from Ribbon "start" menu, Options, and at the end you may go to report bugs page.

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