Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meta Actions Transformations

Started bug fixing the beta release version. It seems that this version is quite stable having 49 bugs opened (compared to 104 previous version), majority of the bugs being low priority.

A problem that I am currently working on and will fix many problems is incorrect transformations on shapes. On Naro the drawing concept is that the shape is drawn located in 0,0,0 as local coordinate system and represented on scene in the global coordinates system as being translated to the position where the user made it. Tools like translate, mirror only work on the transformation matrix and don't affect the original shape.
The majority of tools after being ported to meta actions (integrated with command line) where generating shapes using the global coordinates and not applying transformations.
After the transformation were enabled, final shapes work but at live drawing the shapes are made in the origin of the global coordinate system, which is a bug. In order to control this bug made some automatic unit tests so after fixing it any future problems will be monitored by the unit tests. Will continue investigating this bug as it seems difficult to find.

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