Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fixes on Installer and Reference Loading

Installing a new update may be annoying for a lot of reasons. Some of them are the case that you are over a firewall or over a very slow connection. In those cases the download may fail and as the update code is in-process with Naro may bring Naro down, or to appear that work sluggish (if you have a software modem and not a multi-core machine, as update works in a separate thread). Based on this observations the installer was fixed in cases that brings Naro down (at least as much as I can found when I disabled the connection in middle of the update) but in all cases it may not be an easy task to do it at least for some.
In the standard install is added a tool named: Update.exe that in case that can update NaroCAD without launching NaroCAD and do the download explicitly. This may be useful when you disable updates for NaroCAD and you will want to update just in case that a new feature is implemented on the blog, or simply that NaroCAD does not start after the latest update.
Also the updating tools for developers were handled better by separating more nicely the nightly build by the stable builds. The developer's Update Tool presented previously in case the developer will cancel it, will stop the build process.
The reference code loading were affected if you load an old file but you use the latest's nighties NaroCAD. The reason was that the internal representation was more optimized but changed so some conflicts may occur. I create a code that loads the old representations of references ignoring the new information given if is not available. In this way the old files can be loaded and when you will save, it will be saved to the new format. In future it will be nice to have file versioning and an update tool when internal schema changes occur.
Feel free to test the nightly build as it will be a base for a stable release that will happen most likely tomorrow so the last problems may be addressed.

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