Monday, March 22, 2010

Finalized offset

Made the offset tool final code. It can be applied on Faces, the result is another Face type shape.
Couldn't find a trick when generating bigger shapes with offset to make the join type to be other than circle, or at least to be a circle with radius 0. The offseting seems to work well only when starting from the biggest shape to the smallest one.

Will move to finish other tasks and keep this one in stand by thinking on how this tool might be improved further.


Yong said...


I know this is not the right place to post question. But I couldn't figure out where else to post it.

I'm looking for examples of OCWrappers, but can only find "MakeBottle" & "Wrapperstest". While "MakeBottle" does show me a bottle, but I cannot manipulate it in anyway, I mean, I cannot rotate, zoom, move, etc. "Wrapperstest" doesn't show me anything.

Is there another example available?

Thanks a lot,

ciplogic said...

Hi Yong,

There are no more samples but you may explore Naro's modifiers that expose how Naro works and you can get most functionality from there.

For rotate look to: PartModelling/Logic/Modifiers/View/DynamicRotation.cs and there is also ViewDynamicZooming.cs that show at least how NaroCAD solve that problems.

So probably the best answer is: Naro in itself is a fairly good wrapper test.