Saturday, October 3, 2009

Updated installer to 1.2PRE2

NaroCAD installer was updated to use the missing dependencies. This IS NOT THE FINAL 1.2 RELEASE, but for most users that could not start NaroCAD, they can do it right away (of course they may be hit by another bugs).

The issue was that the 1.2 uses Tcl/Tk libraries and they were added to installer. Anyone who has installed OpenCascade was able to run NaroCAD 1.2PRE without problems, but for the rest of users, it was a startup crash, hopefully it will not happen.

Take the 1.2PRE2 release from Sourceforge:

I will work after this to fix the transformation issues and with your feedback we will make NaroCAD 1.2 to rock!

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