Thursday, October 22, 2009

Code cleanup and bug fix

In the previous day was pointed out a bug that was because of wrong marking nodes. This code was mainly used when it was wanted that a shape to be hidden. Right now there is a Hide function that simplify the code of setting up a shape to invisible. Also this code was applied everywhere so it remove in other shapes some hiding bugs.

Also the construction: Dependency.Child(id) is replaced with Dependency[id] everywhere in code. It does the same but the construction is shorter.

At the end there was a bug that applying fillet on two lines will make that the logic of auto-face to not work. Right now the code was made to be specific per shape and permit that fillet lines to be considered as a part of auto-face logic. Also it makes easy to add another shapes as part of auto-face logic (I will try to add arc as the next shape to be considered).

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