Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hopefully the last Undo-Redo bug fixed

Undo-Redo have no known bugs for some time. At least not in areas like: computing diff between the previous Undo point and the actual point. Still, because some constructions were able to have some complex cases, like: the dependencies should be deserialized first before the shape itself, a lot of functionality was exposed and sometimes with some very good side effects, but sometimes with unexpected ones.

This last bug was really tricky and it was like this: every time an attribute is changed in the Naro document tree, there is an emit of an notification. This can be very useful to make propagations. Sometimes, this thing is not desirable, in case of Cut Through All operation, some changes may turn as an infinite loop. That makes that some attributes were able to be disabled to be notified. Without knowing, disabling this, makes that another operation to not happen. To be more precise, the diff marking. The Undo operation is implemented to not query the entire tree every time, but only the nodes that emits notifications of changing. By doing this, there is a big performance increase in complex nodes setup.

Based on this, hopefully this more complex Undo/Redo setups are fixed and it gives the status of making Undo-Redo operations more reliable.

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