Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Work progress 30 July

Uploaded and built the latest wrappers.

The wrapping situation is the following:
- the FoundationClasses module contains 22 wrapped packages out of 43 packages,
- the ModelingAlgorithms module contains 61 wrapped packages out of 107 packages,
- the ModelingData module contains 44 wrapped packages out of 45 packages,
- the Visualization module contains 28 wrapped packages out of 31 packages,
- the Draw module is not wrapped,
- the DataExchange module is not wrapped,
- the ApplicationFramework module is not wrapped.

Around 10 - 20 packages from the ApplicationFramework need wrapping, task estimated to take 1-2 days.

Ported successfully the MakeBottle tutorial to the wrappers. The tutorial uses visualization but also many geometry and topology operations.

Next tasks to be done:
- port Naro to wrappers, task that should take 1 day,
- wrap needed classes from the ApplicationFramework module, task that should take 1-2 days,
- some wrapper improvements, task that should take 1-2 days. Compiling and linking takes more than an hour, that should be improved. Probably the dll will be uploaded on SVN. Also the project should be split in 3-4 dlls but at latest try encountered problems at referencing base classes with native pointers from another assemblies.

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