Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Progress report 23 July

Yess! I suceeded to display an OpenCascade window using the wrappers (a triedron can be seen on the top left of the screenshot).

In order to do that I made some manual adjustments at the code. Tomorrow I will apply the manual modifications at all classes from the framework, task that will take around half a day. The detected problems that need changes are the following: the constructors that receive native handle parameters need to allocate the internal handle, allocate native objects before calling non handle constructors with them, replace the AspectHandle with IntPtr and extract the pointer with IntPtr.ToPointer().

I am glad that it works, it is good that nothing crashed. I will think how to make some checks for memory leaks.

In parallel with wrappers started thinking at how to organize the project as an agile project to improve the progress monitoring and accelerate deliveries. On this week I am planning to do something about it.

Started also thinking at the application architecture: studying concepts, frameworks, patterns and factories like CSLA for BusinessLogic, CAB and SCSF for smart client, for IoC the WindsorContainer, ObjectBuilder.

Next steps: tomorrow I will work at improving the wrappers and use them to see if i find any bugs. Other tasks planned for this week: port Naro on the wrappers, wrap the OCAF/ApplicationFramework from OpenCascade to include undo/redo and storing in Naro, improve the project reporting/planning/progress tracking, think at the application architecture.

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