Saturday, July 19, 2008

Progress report 19 July

Spent two hours organizing a little the wrapping work: organized into folders/packages the generated files in the VisualStudio solution, also updated the wrappers/wrappers.txt wrapper report file with the work finished until now.

The situation is like this:
- the FoundationClasses module contains 14 wrapped packages out of 43 packages,
- the ModelingAlgorithms module is not wrapped,
- the ModelingData module contains 3 wrapped packages out of 45 packages,
- the Visualization module contains 13 wrapped packages out of 31 packages,
- the Draw module is not wrapped,
- the DataExchange module is not wrapped,
- the ApplicationFramework module is not wrapped.

Will continue with making a test with the wrappers to see if they work properly.

There is one unwrapped package named AIS from the Visualization module that is needed for displaying shapes. To wrap this one it is needed to wrap another 35 packages that it depends on, task estimated to take 2-3 days.

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