Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Progress report 16 July

A problem appeared: spent the day investigating cross boundary passing of native types in different assemblies. If I want to create different dll files for the packages of OpenCascade it happens that there will be classes in one package/assembly derived from classes located in another package/assembly and the native pointer hold in the base class in not visible in the derived class from the other assembly.

Reproduced this problem on a simple project and could solve the error by using #pragma make_public(type). Trying to apply the solution on the OpenCascade wrappers project the linker generates "Custom attributes are not consistent" on several files.

There are two possibilities to solve the problem:
- investigate further the attribute inconsistency and try to generate separate dlls for the OCC packages,
- or put all the wrapper files into one solution and generate one dll for all the wrappers.

Will continue with investigating the attribute inconsistency for half a day and if no acceptable solution will be found probably will put all the wrappers into the same solution and generate one big dll with all of them.

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