Friday, June 12, 2009

Under the hood updates

There is made an action that builds for Line (at least for geometry that dependencies does not need extra work to be enable) to be made based on the function dependency.

Also, dependencies are changed and simplified and they are changed from SortedDictionary to List.

I had integrated bxtrx's code for save to Step and seems working.

Cut needs an extra dependency but I have no proper solution. This dependency need to be notified on scene change. The issue is that a lot of changes are happening which can trigger the event and I have no limit when it starts and when it ends. If will be a parametric change, cut may be generated for every parametric change, which is not wanted. Probably some changes will need a guard pattern used to minimize the regenerating calls. I will still have to think to a proper design to do it. Also, very probably it will be needed an extra attribute in Naro Data tree.

I will continue tomorrow to think to a proper design regarding the changes notifications and with bug fixing. I have still situations when load form XML fails and I will focus on that.

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