Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Iteration 0.0.12 closed

Closed Iteration 0.0.12. Among the tasks made during this iteration are:

- implemented command line at the application. Everything that is drawn with the mouse appears also on the command line. The history of commands can be saved and executed later. Useful for making test files and good also as precision drawing helpers,
- implemented a draw line plugin that duplicates the draw line functionality, the plugin architecture will be improved after refactoring the pipes used for the actions,
- modified the extrude to follow the mouse when drawing, useful that the mouse events will be passed through the geometric solver,
- implemented magic points: when the mouse moves over a vertex or the segment midpoint the point is emphasized. Added in the geometric solver code that also detects coplanar points, also the Extrude can be made until coplanar with a point or until it meets a magic point but this functionality needs improvements as it doesn't work very well,
- started working at saving and loading the application internal data as an XML like representation, started implementing Brep and STEP import and export functionality,
- added STEP wrappers in the wrappers library, an issue that STEP writing doesn't work needs to be solved.

For the next Iteration (0.0.13) the scheduled tasks are:
- Improve the actual Actions/Modifiers implemented with pipes to have the inputs they need as dependencies with that being implemented on a higher abstraction level; this will be used also at improving the functionality exposed to plugin developers,
- Finish save, load, export STEP or Brep, import STEP and Brep,
- Improve the magic point detection,
- Stabilize the current functionality, bug fixing,
- Add an Ellipse drawing shape,
- Make the Cut and Fillet previous functionality work properly with the new code.

In order to have a release candidate the functionality needed to be implemented:
- Save, Load, Import, Export, under development, will be finished on the current iteration,
- Installer, automatic updater, implemented,
- Basic shape drawing: line and rectangle is implemented, ellipse will be implemented in the current iteration,
- Features: Extrude implemented, Fillet implemented and needs to be refined, Cut to port the previous code to the current application,
- Property table for the models, implemented,
- Magic points, implemented, needs improvements,
- Undo redo, implemented,
- Command line, command history saving and executing, implemented,
- Plugin support, implemented, needs to be improved,
- User manual, documentation for developers generation, implemented something in the past, needs update,

Other functionality that will be implemented in the future: constraints, support for drawn object library, 3d shape drawing, combine parts into a bigger model, export drawings, having template drawings.

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