Saturday, June 27, 2009

NaroCAD 1.0 Released

NaroCAD reaches the first important milestone and we are proud to announce as NaroCAD 1.0

NaroCAD is an opensource CAD design tool written in C#/.NET and is built on top of proven OpenCascade library ( Also it provides wrappers for OpenCascade library that are accessible from any .NET language. This milestone is a hard work consisting in 1200 commits that adds a lot of features and we will point in short here:
- document model similar with OpenCascade's OCAF but C# based, using generics, easily debuggable. High performance undo/redo computing, serializable.
- the label's attributes are defined in a C#/.NET friendly way, no GUIDs involved, and the code of serializing/deserializing even complex types is trivial. You can work out of the box with the following types, but you can add on your own others: integer, double, string, color, reference
- clean shape definition using dependency solving notifications and easily make possible parametric programming. Separate dependency framewework that can be reused
- command line extensible framework so you can automate your new added shapes
- there is a solver component that let you get closest geometry. It is useful as it gives for user hints as long as he edit them.
- visual pipes&filters framework that you have access to various resources like: OpenCascade's context and view, document, open and save dialogs, solver. In case is too complex for you, there is a premade action that gets your custom function and creates everything for you.
- easy to work OpenCascade wrapping focused to minimize the lines you will write your own extensions
- decoupled code for most components, clean design
- and much more (integrated bug reporter, repository like update, IronPython integration, unit testing, etc.)

NaroCAD is opensource project, and you can take it's source at any given time from SourceForge's project homepage:

If you are interested on site's blog activity you can read more here:

You can download the release from SourceForge from here.

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