Monday, February 16, 2009

Started Iteration 0.0.8

The task list is posted on Sourceforge.

Also the project Roadmap was updated to reflect the new iteration.

The schedule task list is the following:
Date: February 16 - 27, 2009
- Finish implementing the shape modifications by dragging the markers from the end of it, improve the Sketcher, estimated 3 days,
- Improve the 2d to 3d transition, estimated 1 day,
- Improve the Fillet feature by adding the radius and if possible a progressive radius change, estimated 1 day,
- Finish implementing the Cut feature with Ocaf, estimated 2 days,
- Add Command line functionality, estimated 1 day,
- Add nUnit testing, estimated 1 day,
- Put in place a documentation generation tool, estimated 1 day.

Lower priority tasks:
- Implement code to make the Extrude real time as the mouse moves,
- Solve the redrawing problems: the redrawing has flickering, there is also a bug that Naro gets the HDC/drawing drivers so that other windows
can't redraw themselves, when the window is double clicked and floating the window handle is lost and redrawing doesn't occur.

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