Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Parametric modeling

Investigated how to propagate automatically a modification into the OCAF hierarchy in order to enable parametric modeling. Looked at the TDF, TNaming classes also at the TFunction classes.

The problem is to find a way to get a list of Labels that hold references to the modified Label and regenerate the models that these Labels hold. Made tests with TDF_Tool.OutReferences and OutReferers and these doesn't seem to be made for this purpose. Also couldn't find a TFunction mechanism to propagate changes automatically. On the forum there are no details related to this. Internally also the TDF helpers seem to be implemented with a loop through all labels, they use filters but don't seem to have an optimized way to search for some referenced label.
In order to handle this problem I implemented a solver function that loops through the labels and identifies the ones that hold references to the modified ones. Will think also if it is an improvement to hold a back reference between labels.
Solved the Undo/Redo problem at the shape modification. This task was scheduled for next week, but solved it.

Tomorrow will finish implementing the shape regeneration code and will continue with the Extrude.

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