Friday, November 14, 2008

Status report November 14

Installed on a Virtual Machine with nothing on it an OpenCascade 6.3.0 and a Visual Studio Express 2008. Updated the NaroCAD project to compile properly with VSExpress. Added on the .sln folder two .txt files: one describing hot to build the project with VSExpress2008 the other how to debug the project using WinDbg. Now the project should compile with no problems with Visual Studio Expresss 2008. There should be no problems compiling with Sharp Develop, will have to verify that.

Made a new folder /trunk/docs/ where uploaded an ProjectDescription document (for OpenOffice .odt and also .pdf format). The document contains explanations covering elements that should be understood when working at the project. The document doesn't explain the SCSF concepts.

Will continue until the end of the day adding small improvements at the application:

- currently it is possible to select a face, draw on it and extrude the shape. I will work at adding some code to allow extruding a selected face,
- it is needed to implement the resize, the drawing controls should resize when the parent window resizes,
- update the Sourceforge task list and make a roadmap,
- add other minor improvements.

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